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Scientific Journal of Iranian Urbanism specializes in the field of urbanism and trends in urban planning, regional planning, urban design, urban management, urban development, urban environment, urban landscape and..This journal is trying to get several national and international indexes. Hence, the quality of the articles published in this journal is very important. Scientific Journal of Iranian Urbanism publishes articles for Free after review and judging.

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Issue 9
Issue 9
Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2022

1.The necessity of revision and efficiency in land and urban housing policy-making in Iran

Ali Vaziri Nasirabad

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2.Feasibility study of creating Interrelation Tourism access between historical buildings in sanandaj city with pedestrian approach

Rezan Naqshbandi, Seyed Majid Mofidi

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3.Comparison of solar energy analysis and thermal comfort of ordinary and green buildings using LEED evaluation system (Case study: a 14-storey building in the north of Tehran)

Hamid Reza Sohrabi, Fatemeh Razavian

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4.Quality factors in communal spaces of residential complexes and its effect on residents' satisfaction (Case study: Ahvaz oil town residential complex)

Mohammad Ali Kazemzadeh Raef, Saba Mirderikvandi

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5.Factors influencing the relationship between the designer and the employer with emphasis on environm

Ali Shakeri

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6.Recreating and improving the quality of urban places with an acupuncture approach

Hemat Zareie

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7.The origin and nature of "conceptual architecture"

Hadi FarhangDoust

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8.Investigating the legal works of worn-out urban tissue in Semnan

SeidMohammad HashemiNasab, Nader Mozayeni

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9.A study of citizens’ perception of urban landscapes in multicultural cities (The case of Baam-e Karaj, Iran)

Mina Babaei, Ahmadali Farzin

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10.Feasibility Study of Urban Smart Policy Using on Environmental Quality Upgrading (Case Study Foulad Shahr)

Hamid Reza Saremi, Mona Momtahen

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11.Smartening strategies of Tehran Book Garden through Quantitative Strategic Planning Model (QSPM)

Saman Bayattork

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12.Organizing the tissue adjacent to Kerman bazaar with the focus on responding to the needs of the disabled

Davoud Emamzehi, Koroosh Afzali

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