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Scientific Journal of Iranian Urbanism specializes in the field of urbanism and trends in urban planning, regional planning, urban design, urban management, urban development, urban environment, urban landscape and..This journal is trying to get several national and international indexes. Hence, the quality of the articles published in this journal is very important. Scientific Journal of Iranian Urbanism publishes articles for Free after review and judging.

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Issue 7
Issue 7
Volume 4, Issue 7, December 2021

1.Research on the form-based code approach and its place in urban design

Bita Ebrahimi, Amir Shakibamanesh

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2.Assessing the pedestrian capacity of urban areas; Case study: Streets of districts one and two of district 12 of Tehran

Amir Mohammad Babalu, Parnia Garkani Dasht

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3.Beauty and performance of post-production in architectural engineering

Peyman Naghipour

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4.Analysis of indicators to achieve a sustainable city of Dezful with emphasis on reducing greenhouse gases

Fereshteh Abdolabbas

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5.Investigation of effective factors on creating vitality in urban spaces (Case study: Taghbestan Boulevard, Kermanshah)

Hamidreza Ameri Siahoui, Sedigheh Moradi

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6.Investigating the role of urban landscapes and green spaces in improving mental health

Davood Vafadari Kamar Alia, Mohsen Kafi

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7.Corona New Season in Urban Planning

Roghayeh Vadaie Kheiri

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8.Analysis and evaluation of recreational spaces in Isfahan from the perspective of children (sample study of recreational spaces along the Zayandeh River in Nazhvan Park)

Shahrzad Pajoumand Najafabadi, Zahra Sadat Fayyaz, Mahin Nastaran, Mahmoud Ghaleh Noei

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9.Determining the effect of natural light on students' satisfaction with the educational environment

Mohsen Taban, Ali Eslami Moghadam

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10.The effect of Atbat-e-Aliat tourism on the physical development of intermediate cities (case study of Shahr-e Shabab)

Sajad Yousefi, Mohsen Rezaei Moghadam

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11.Investigating the role of local governments in establishing urban health to deal with the Covid epidemic 19

Milad Abbaspour, Mohsen Abdoud, Reza Farrokh

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12.Understanding spatial relations and analyzing spatial patterns of issued building permits in the legal-service area of cities

Hemmat Zarei, Ahmad Rahmanian, Abdolreza Najafi

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