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Scientific Journal of Iranian Urbanism specializes in the field of urbanism and trends in urban planning, regional planning, urban design, urban management, urban development, urban environment, urban landscape and..This journal is trying to get several national and international indexes. Hence, the quality of the articles published in this journal is very important. Scientific Journal of Iranian Urbanism publishes articles for Free after review and judging.

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Type of credit: Scientific

Publication Sequence: Bi-Quarterly

Arbitration type: two-way secret

Average judging time: 6 to 12 weeks

Journal language: Persian - English (publishing abstracts in English)

Release type: Electronic

Access type: Free (full text)

Thematic category: Yes

Number of pages allowed: 10 to 20 pages

Cost of review, judging, admission and printing: Free

Issue 5
Issue 5
Volume 3, Issue 5, December 2020


1.Climate based Architecture-Comparative Study of Gorgan and Bushehr Historical Houses

Marzieh Azad Armaki*, Zahra Esfandiari

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2.Analysis of effective criteria on happy city (Case study: District Two of Tehran)

Aida baghery beheshty*, Hadis loghmani

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3.Urbanism and Planning for the City through the Gilles Deleuze's Philosophy

Mahmood Shoorcheh*

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4.The Effect Of Street Design On Thermal Comfort (Case Study: Ferdowsi Street in Region 12 of Tehran)


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5.Investigating the Role of Bandar Deylam in Equilibrium of Bushehr Province by using the Methods of Elasticiablity Index and Social Network

Behsa Arianbod*, Reza Ahmadian, Bahar Arianbod

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6.Design of urban spaces for the elderly and disabled (case study: Shorabil recreation and tourism area)

Fatemeh Sabouri gerdeh*

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7.The role of cultural economy and creativity in urban regeneration

Marjan Khan Mohammadi *

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8.Investigating the effect of space users' satisfaction with tourism in the urban environment and capital creation

Roghayeh Vadaei Kheiri *

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9.Research on urban hazards in terms of sustainable development: environmental and structural

Reyhaneh Sajadinia *

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10.Examining the rules and regulations of newly established spaces in the city as a connected space: high-rise

Elahe Ahmadieh *

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11.Investigating the Impact of Urban Tourism Facilities on Multiple and Connected Development: An Experimental Assessment

Shaghayegh Varei *

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12.The effect of the texture of the body wall of the eager field on its readability

Elham Mirzaei*

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